published work

a selection of published work


"Tracing The Thalweg" [It's Freezing in LA!, October 2021]

"On Sloth" [Cottage Life, May 2021]

Goodbye to Prince Philip, Insult Comic [Chatelaine, April 2021]

"An investigation into the Kardashians’ secret vacation" [Medium, October 2020]

A Black history of mutual aid [The Walrus, September 2020]

"White people know racism exists. It's finally time for them to do something about it." [The Globe and Mail, June 2020]

"Review: Eternity Martis' They Said This Would Be Fun" [The Globe and Mail, July 2020]

"Justin Trudeau's racist photos are no game for people of colour." [The Washington Post, October 2019]

"In this election, what's a Black voter to do?" [The Globe and Mail, October 2019]

"A Lost Literature: Black writing from the Canadian prairies" [U of T Magazine, June 2019]

"Feminism is not a secret club, but it stands for something" [Toronto Star, July 2018]

"What to do now that you've bought a pipeline" [Toronto Star, May 2018]

"Preserving Salem Chapel, promoting a past rarely told" [Toronto Star, November 2017]

"Drake Is Not Toronto's Batman" [Toronto Star, September 2017]

"On literary heroes that look like you" [Flare, February 2017]

"What It's Like Travelling As A Black Woman" [The Globe and Mail, August 2015]


Digital Ageism and COVID-19 [No Little Plans, Community Foundations of Canada, April 2020]

"The Curse of Contract Work" [No Little Plans, Community Foundations of Canada, November 2019]

"An Ally in Blackface and the Power Rangers of Policy" [Safe Space, September 2019]

"John A. Macdonald Statue removed from Victoria City Hall" [Sunday Scrum, CBC News Network, August 2018]

"When the Government Comes Knocking On Your Door" [Safe Space, Metro News Canada, May 2018]

"Debating Discourse" [The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO, December 2017]

"Who gets to be angry?" [Out In The Open, CBC Radio, October 2016]